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If Nobody is Converting on Your AdWords Ads, Here’s Why!

The average conversion rate on the AdWords search network is just below 4%.

How about for the display network? It’s less than 1%. Even if you’re a master copywriter, it’s not going to guarantee you sales. But WHY?

According to various research data ONLINE, more than 60% Google advertisers never optimize their campaigns. About 18% advertisers POOLY OPTIMIZE their campaigns.

And Only about 22% advertisers do optimize their campaigns regularly.

If your Google Ads campaigns are not being optimized regularly, or are POORLY optimized, there's almost 100% chance that you will NOT get good result from such campaigns.

This has been observed in thousands of Google ads accounts.

Here's Why Most Advertisers Don't Optimize OR Manage Their Google Ads

There are thousands of Google ads specialists around the world, however only a handfull of ads accounts are being managed and optimized regularly.

WHY is this so?

Here are the reasons below:

>Many advertisers think it is not necessary to manage their ads.<

>Many advertisers think the cost of hiring a Google ads specialist is too hight.<

>Many advertisers thought they can do it by themselves.<

>Some advertisers doesn't know they can hire experts online.<

>Some advertisers think their budget is too low to be managed.<

Are you in any of these categories?

I am not here to scrutinize you. God forbid.

I am here to help you get things done without breaking the bank.

But before then...,

It will do you much good to know how much it costs to hire a Google ads specialist.


Let me tell you some hidden truth you need to know about hiring a Google Ads specialist. Don't just take my words. This is a fact because this is my six years as active Google partner.

Look at the image below.

My agency has managed ads with over 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS in advertising spent between 2014 and 2020.

Here's the cost of hiring a Google ads specialist.

For freelancers, the cost per hour runs between $50 and $200 an hour.

You can see a bunch of profiles and their cost ranges by checking out hubs like Upwork.

There are outliers, like one who is only charging $36 per hours, but the average seems to run around $75 per hour.

To be honest, if your advertising budget is less than 1000 US DOLLARS, you might not be able to pay this much to hire a specialist to manage your Google ads account.

So What should you do?


The #1 DIY Automatic Google Ads Optimization course on the internet. This will cut down your Google ads cost for life and turn your ads to money spinning machine.


Did i just say you can setup your ads just once and the ads will continue to optimize and manage itself without me having to login and do it every single day?

ABSOLUTELY! That's the exact thing i was talking about.

That is the exact thing i have thought a lot of people how to do. And that is the exact thing i want to give you on this page. How cool!

You can now have rest of mind. No more budget shooting beyond limit. HELL NO!

No more ads not running.

No More daily login for optimization.

No more bad quality score.

No more poor conversions.

It is now easier to rank your ads ahead of your competitors even while you're on vacation.

What You’ll Learn In This Course

You will discover 100% practical ways to optimize your Google ads on autopilot without spending a penny.

You will never miss any optimization opportunity from your Google ads

You will be able to work smarter and stay productive with your Google ads

You will discover agency's best-kept secrets for efficiently managing Google Ads

You will upgrade your Google advertising skills from novice to expert

You will learn from my years of experience as a PPC agency owner with lots of success

You will be able to optimize your ads, keywords, budget, campaigns, and ad groups without hiring anyone.

Who this course is for: 

Anyone who wants to master Google ads optimization

Anyone who wants to work smarter and get more productive

Anyone who wants to get the best results from their Google ads

Anyone who wants to manage their Google ads without hiring another person to do it

Anyone who wants to keep eyes on their Google ads account


Look at the image below. My agency has been certified by Google since 2016.

So whatever i tell you about Google ads is possible.

And you will be able to do it with the help of this special course.

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All the benefits above are just some of the numerous things you'll be able to achieve with this powerful course you're about to see.


Did you see the image of my agency's Google ads dashboard above?

Did you see the consistency and the amount spent on ads?

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We won't have gotten most of the successes we got from Google ads without the help of this amazing program am about to give you.

Don't ask me for the price just yet. Let me show you some more data from my Google analytics account.

Over 180,000 USD generated with less than 14,000 USD in advertising spent.

Did you just ask how i did it?

I am not going to keep the secret to myself because if i do, it doesn't add any value to me. That is the exact reason why i am giving you access to the training course NOW!!!

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Before you ask for the price, let me show you what people are paying every month for this same thing you're about to get from me.

Look at the image below.

That's minimum $499 per month for optimizing your Google ads.

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I am not going to ask you for half of it.

Even though you'll get more value from this course, you will NOT pay quarter of the price.

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DIY Google Ads Optimization On Autopilot


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