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Google Search Advertising Mastery - Google Display Advertising - YouTube Advertising Mastery

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If you want to drive massive results for your business with Google and YouTube ads, you need to be properly trained by an expert with success records.

Fortunately, I am the expert that you need!

My over 8 years of active experience and impressive results across multiple niches has elevated me to be one of the top Google and YouTube advertising specialists in Africa and across the world.

Not only that, I have also been recognized by Google as one of the leading online advertising agencies.



Are you ready to tap into the immense potential of Google and YouTube's billions of monthly super active users?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with the help of the top 1 and 2 digital advertising platforms in the world?

In this groundbreaking mastery video course, I will guide you through Google and YouTube advertising, equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to dominate Google and YouTube advertising landscape. 

Get ready to unlock unlimited growth opportunities!

Google Search Advertising Mastery

  • The beginners' guide to understanding the Google ads account interface and finding whatever you needed.
  • The recommended strategy to create and launch your Google search campaign.
  • Expert tactics of creating a properly structured ad group
  • The best method to create your Google search ads to drive massive results.
  • Advanced keywords targeting and optimization.
  • Restructuring your Google ads account dashboard for proper optimization and analysis and performance measurement.
  • Finding the best metrics that matter most for your campaign.
  • Proper way to measure your Google ads campaign performance
  • and much, much more!

This course has a total of 21 videos

PRICE = ₦26,800 ONLY

Google Display Advertising Mastery

  • Understanding the Google display advertising network.
  • The recommended way to create your Google display campaigns.
  • Proper way of creating your ad groups
  • The best method to create your Google display ads
  • Advanced targeting methods and optimization
  • Understanding Google ads audience insight
  • Finding the best metrics that matter most for your campaign
  • Audiences and content targeting on display network
  • Google ads retargeting
  • Untold secrets about Google smart campaigns
  • Proper way to measure your Google ads campaign performance
  • and much, much more!

This course has a total of 20 videos

PRICE = ₦35,800 ONLY

YouTube Advertising Mastery

This course consists of 10 sections with total of 56 videos. The sections are highlighted below:

  • Section #1 Course Introduction: Master YouTube Advertising and Grow Your Business!
  • Section #2 Getting Started: Start Strong and Get Ahead of Your Competition!
  • Section #3 YouTube Advertising Strategy: Revolutionize Your Approach with Cutting-Edge YouTube Advertising Strategies!
  • Section #4 Targeting by Audience: "Hit the Bullseye and Reach Your Ideal Audience Every Time!"
  • Section #5 Targeting by Contents: "Align Your Content with Success and Drive Explosive Results!"
  • Section #6 Measurement and Metrics: "Measure, Analyze, Optimize – Become a Data-Driven YouTube Advertising Expert!"
  • Section #7 YouTube Ads Optimization: Gain Peace of Mind and Guarantee Your Success!
  • Section #8 Ads Scaling: "Scale Your Ads to New Heights and Expand Your Empire!"
  • Section #9 Ads Disapproval and Account Suspension: Safeguard Your Success and Overcome Ad Disapproval Challenges!
  • Section #10 Resources and Conclusion:

PRICE = ₦38977 ONLY

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26,800 + 35,500 + 38,977

= 101,597 Naira

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Again, see below image. Over 200 thousands USD revenue generated with less than 16,000 USD advertising spent. Have you seen this kind of results before? That's not all. Look at another one below.

See more below. Over 180 thousands USD generated with less than 14,000 USD in advertising spent.

Who Is This Complete Google Ads Mastery Course For:

  • The Complete Google Advertising Mastery course is for you if:
  • You sell products and you want to drive quality traffic to the landing page.
  • You are a real estate agent and you want to promote your properties to high value people.
  • You are into affiliate and CPA marketing and you want to generate more sales for your offer.
  • You are a freelancer or professional and you are looking for a way to promote your offers to acquire more clients.
  • You are a course creator and you want to sell more of your courses online.
  • You are a music artist and you want to promote your music or video to get more views and engagement.
  • You're a movie producer and you want to build strong awareness for your upcoming movies.

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Instead of paying the actual 101,597 Naira, you'll pay

42,800 NAIRA.

Just about 35 dollars.

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