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Are you a freelancer struggling to get clients that will pay you reasonable amount of money online?

Are you a 9-5 worker that is earning below your expectation?

Are you a struggling person looking for a side hustle to make extra income?

Are you currently out of job and looking for a new opportunity to earn money online?

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Digital Skills Monetization Bundle

Imagine making $1000 - $3000 every month from the comfort of your home.

Imagine that you can travel at any time without losing your work.

Imagine that you can work on your computer or mobile phone and make good amount of money.

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This 3in1 Practical Video Courses Will Change Your Life For Good, and You Will Be Able To Make Money Online From The Comfort Of Your Home.


1. The Unfailing Strategy For Getting High Paying Clients As A Freelancer Without Depending On Freelance Websites.

2. The Secret Sustainable Mindset And Research Techniques That Top Marketers Are Using To Make Millions Online.

3. The 1 Hour Digital Skills

What You'll Learn in The Courses:

Course #1 Content - ₦19,700

  • How to present your service to address critical problems that business owners are ready to pay huge amount of money to solve.
  • Where to get HOT ideas of what prospective customers are looking for.
  • How to make your service attract premium clients that will pay huge amount of money.
  • How to get discovered by quality prospects
  • How to identify clients that are desperately looking for your services.
  • How to present yourself as the best person for the job.
  • How to be discovered by quality clients.
  • How to get paid without depending on freelance websites, and Many More 

Course #2 Content - ₦30,000

  • How to build the right digital marketing mindset for sustainable growth and profit.
  • Understanding the core digital technologies for marketers.
  • How to achieve your short and long term goals as a digital marketer.
  • How to understand the practical market research strategies that top marketers use to make huge money online.
    • How to find everything you need as a digital marketer more easily.
  • How to discover every newest opportunities online without stress.
  • How to discover the exact things that your competitors are doing online.
  • How to identify the core metrics for measuring digital marketing success.
  • How to find more valuable information on YouTube like a pro.
  • How to find more valuable information on Facebook like a pro.
  • How to implement practical usage of the top digital marketing tools to enhance online success.
  • How to discover new markets for your business both locally and internationally and many more...

Course #3 Content - ₦5,800

  • The top two profitable digital skills you can learn under 1 hour.
  • How to deliver the skills without spending 1 Naira.
  • How to discover the people that truly need the service.
  • How to build your portfolio so so that prospects can trust you.
  • Top secrets for finding customers that will pay you money to work for them.
  • How to send cold email offers to prospective customers for free.
  • Expert tactics for delivering the service, etc.

Total Value Of The Courses

= 19,700 + 30,000 + 5,800

= ₦55,500

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The Digital Skills Monetization Bundle

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