My Step-By-Step Google Ads Manual For Beginners Is Now In PDF Format

Dear Nigerians, I Am Here To Rescue You From Google Ads' Frustration

Are you planning to start using Google ads to drive traffic to your website?

Are you finding it difficult to add payment method to your Google ads account?

Are you getting poor quality traffic from irrelevant places?

Are you wasting your advertising budget without getting any conversion?

If you're facing any of the above challenges, you are most likely in the same category with Mark. See his comment in the screenshot below.

My name is Oluwole. I started working as Google ads manager in 2014, here in Nigeria.

In 2016, i became one of the 10 advertising agencies in Nigeria to earn the Google partners badge after meeting all the requirements including outstanding performance, consistency, budget and passing the exams.

In 2018, my team was officially invited to the launch of Google partners program in Nigeria. This was a great time in the Nigerian digital space as the presence of the program in Nigeria has really helped to improve our experience as Google advertisers.

As an active Google ads manager, i have managed scores of accounts for individual and businesses in different countries.

As at the time of writing this manual, i have exceeded over 2 million USD in ad spent on Google. This is the amount of money i have helped businesses use to advertise on Google, with impressive results.

If there's anyone with the competency to help you succeed with Google ads in Nigeria, i will sure be the person.

This is because i have experienced almost every challenges Nigerians are facing on Google and i have been able to overcome them.

Every week, on my YouTube channel, Ojasweb Digital Solution, not less than 5 Nigerians ask me for help as regards their Google ads account.

Some, after importing products worth several thousands or even millions of Naira from China, their Google ads account got suspended.

Some, after doing everything possible to get a Master Card to make payment for their ads, their cards got declined and they are left with no hope.

Some, after creating their account, ran ads for about a week, their account got suspended for suspicious payment or circumventing policies.

Some, after being suspended, find it extremely difficult to open another account, due to the fact that Google keep suspending every single account they create.

If All Of The Above Comments Are Not Frustrations, What Else Would You Call Them?

The bitter truth is that only few of us know how to advertise on Google without facing any of the challenges listed above. However, what is the fate of those who don't know how to go about it?

Such person might lose hope, run loss or even close his/her business completely. SAD! But that's what actually happen to many people. Fortunately, i will change the game for you.

Welcome Once Again, My Fellow Internet  Marketers In Nigeria

Are you new to Google ads or you are among the people who have been FRUSTRATED by Google due to issues such as:

Inability to add your Debit Card to pay for ads

Google Ads account suspension for violations

Extremely poor Ads performance

Ads disapproval due to policy reasons, etc.

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then...

I Have A Guaranteed Solution For You Just Below This Section

After so much requests from followers on social media, i finally sat down to write the Google advertising manual for beginners.

Here's what you'll discover in the 46 page Google Ads For Nigerians - Getting It Right From Start:

The recommended way to create Google ads account

Setting up your billing information

How you can conduct proper keyword research

Bidding strategy and budget management tips

How to analyze your results and improve your campaigns

What keywords should you bid on?

How can you test your campaigns?

What factors make a high converting landing page?

How can you increase your profit from PPC ads?

and much, much more!

What Are People Saying About This Google Ads Manual?

Just a few days after the launching, I've got people sharing feedback about the course.

How Much Do I Need To Pay To Get This Manual Today?

The regular price is ₦16,500. But if you take action right now, you can get it at ₦11,500. All you need to do is click the button below:

Only 11,500 Naira

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